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No longer are Trailers limited to Movies.

Your project, be it a Book, Audiobook, Presentation or Business Launch deserves to arrive with an almighty PUNCH!

We make it epic, moving & inspiring - To get people talking & sharing!

Get your project noticed and get it selling

Have a look at what we can do for you

Preview Trailer

Courting Danger Audiobook
A Vampires Bite

Promotional Trailer

Courting Danger Audiobook
Courting Danger
Bipolar Disorder Audiobook
Bipolar Disorder

Deep Dive Trailer

A Second Chance Summer Audiobook Trailer
A Second Chance Summer

How do we do it?

Firstly, my Trailers are not templates. Each and every one is created from scratch and I spend a great deal of time choosing the right music, images, text and video to make it specific to your story.

I have access to a huge library of images, music and videos which I carefully sort through to find the right fit. 

Using your story outline, I create scenes to gather interest and suspense. Using music to build tension or drama, or even romance and comedy.

I'll just need a bit of information from you and any images you would like me to use, such as the book cover


Payment can be made by PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

Do you Need Voiceover added to your Trailer?

For a set price you can have a Voiceover added to your video. As well as text, a voiceover will be added in the style to suit the trailer. Prices will be announced soon.

To listen to female samples click on my Voiceover page or for male samples please click here

Tip - Having a Voiceover coupled with impactful music and images will really give your trailer an edge on the competition

Tip  - A Voiceover will also make your trailer accessible to those who are visually impaired

Trailer Options

Preview Trailer

Perfect for Social Media to promote Books & Audiobooks

  • Up to 6 Scenes (videos or images) From stock or customer own

  • Stock music

  • Descriptive text

  • 35 to 45 seconds

I suggest you add an image of your Book Cover



Your trailer will be completed within 3 working days of payment

Promotional Trailer

Great for Social Media & websites to promote Audiobooks & Books with more impact & storyline

  • Up to 10 Scenes (videos or images) From stock or customer own

  • Stock music or customer own Audio/Voiceover

  • Descriptive text

  • 1 Minute + Suitable for Social Media

I suggest you add an image of your Book Cover & at least one Review.



Your trailer will be completed within 3 working days of payment

Deep Dive Trailer

A longer more dramatic Promo Trailer for YouTube, Landing Pages as well as Social Media. Great for all types of media.

  • Up to 20 Scenes (videos or images) from stock or customer own

  • Stock music &/or Customer own Audio/Voiceover

  • Descriptive text

  • 1 to 5 Minutes to suit

I suggest you add a Cover Image. An image of any characters you may have & an Audio excerpt or Reviews/Peer comments



Your trailer will be completed within 4 working days of payment

Why should you have a promo trailer?


There are so many reasons why having a video will help you promote your product. Lets look at the stats...

Including a video on your landing page can BOOST your conversion rate by up to 80% Source - Unbounce

85% of consumers want to see more VIDEO content from brands Source - HubSpot

On average, people spend 2.6x MORE time on pages with video than without. Source - Wistia

Social media posts with video have 48% more VIEWS Source - HubSpot

92% of users watching video on mobile will SHARE it with others. Source - Wordstream

There are lots more stats to convince us that using video as a form of marketing, is much more effective that text and images alone.

If you still aren't sure, why not scroll through your social media feed and see what catches your eye the most. No doubt some images will be really eye catching, but a video trailer will have more of an attraction.

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