National Stress Awareness Day - 6th November

Good Evening,

I have been busy moving house, which I can confirm (for anyone who hasn't moved recently) that it is really, really, really stressful. I assume that like childbirth, we forget the enormous amount of stress we suffered, which is why we continue to have more children and move house. Life has to go on somehow.

After a month, I feel settled now and have my worldly possessions around me to make this house feel like my home. I have also spent a great deal of time working on my studio so that I can continue narrating Audiobooks, of which I have two in progress. So my Blog today, is to bring to your attention a few things that I rely on to keep myself grounded, positive and living in the moment.

Firstly, and very close to my heart (and ears) we have Audiobooks. Never will I take a stressful journey in my car, without an Audiobook playing. I am a huge fan of Psychological Thrillers and have just finished The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. It took me a while to get used to three narrators but once I did, I was drawn in. So the reason I mention Audiobooks on a blog entry titled 'National Stress Awareness Day' is that I truly believe that immersing yourself into a great book will release your mind of the worries that await you at work or at home.

Secondly, I have to refer to the image attached to this entry 'The Mindfulness App' Mindfulness is in my opinion the answer to many of our Mental Health situations. I first came across Mindfulness in a book called 'A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled' by Ruby Wax. She explains how nothing else ever really worked for her, in easing her anxiety & stress. I agree, mindfulness is a god send and is so easy to implement. If you give it a chance, you can control those thoughts in your mind that cause anxiety and stress. You learn how to turn away the bad thoughts, as they aren't productive or helpful. Instead you clear your mind and live in the moment. I won't preach too hard, you just have to make up your own mind but I highly recommend bringing Mindfulness into your life.

Thirdly, I recommend hobbies. No, I dont mean stare at your phone all day! I mean getting involved in something you enjoy, especially if it is creative. If you like to dance, go dancing. If you like to paint, paint! The point being that you immerse yourself in something that helps take your mind to a place of enjoyment. Stop allowing the dark side of life to interfere in what is important to you. Go and walk the dog, or join a walking group if you dont want to walk alone. A great website is they have groups for all sorts of activities, walking, drinking, eating, playing games, book clubs. Take a look, and remember, everyone was new at some point, everyone took the plunge to join a group where they didn't know anyone.

For myself, I am mindful every single day, I walk my dog once or twice a day, I like to read, listen to books, paint, dance, eat out, cook, work on the garden & socialise. I have also resurrected my love of playing the Violin, badly of course, but practice makes the noise sound better :)

I hope something from this blog entry will strike a cord with you. Perhaps tomorrow on 'National Stress Awareness Day', you will try to be Mindful or reconnect with nature, or a hobby you have neglected. For now, maybe download the Mindful app or check out some hiking boots on Amazon, everything else can wait.

Until next time :)



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