Juggling Work and Pleasure

Ok, so most narrators, I expect have taken a similar road to my own. You begin auditioning, get offered some books to read which of course have deadlines. Great! However, you still have to work a full day in your 'every day job' in order to pay the bills, but somehow still fit in the narration of a book as well as cooking, cleaning, walking the dog etc. On a side note, I've noticed a lot of narrators have dogs, maybe fellow dog lovers are predisposed to this kind of work? Or are we just eager to spend more time at home with our canine family member?

Anyhow, juggling your job & narrating can be difficult. You really want to make narrating your full time hobby.... I mean job. However to make enough money takes acting, mastering & language skills to pull off a quality narration, not to mention....time. To get more time, you need to ditch the day job, but to ditch the day job means your income will suffer. So how do I balance it? Currently, I work full time Monday to Friday & try to do an hour narrating & mastering most evenings after work, then at the weekend my body wakes me up at around 6am and my mind keeps nagging me to get on with the book! In other words, I don't get any lie-ins any more.

Today for example, I woke at around 6am, checked out Instagram & Twitter, ordered some plastic free cleaning products that I came across on Instagram. Then got a cup of tea, a large orange squash & went into the studio. It takes me around 12 minutes to narrate a 10 minute chapter, then around another 30 minutes to edit the piece ready for uploading to ACX. This morning, I read two chapters and decided to give my voice a break as I kept needing to cough (remnants of a cold I had 4 weeks ago now). So to use my time wisely, I'm updating my Blog and afterwards will continue a Google online marketing course to help me improve my profile.

I won't stay away from the studio for long, my mind keeps urging me to get back in there and read that book!


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