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Updated: Jul 14, 2019

And by this I mean, I too listen to many Audiobooks. I had a quick browse in my library today and thought I should share with you my favourites from the last 6 years. Prior to 2013, I had an audible.com membership which I soon realised meant there were some books I couldn't get in the UK, so I swapped to audible.co.uk. I have no idea how I ended up on the .com site but hey ho!

So to start, I have 172 titles in my Audible.co.uk library. There are lots of forgettable books in there but oh boy are there some that I cannot forget. Here are some of the best books I have ever listened to, in order of earliest to latest. And in all cases, the narrators were excellent and drew me in whole heartedly.

1) Pines by Blake Crouch, narrated by Paul Michael Garcia - This became a trilogy and was also made into a TV show. It was cancelled after 2 or 3 seasons and it was very different from the books. Based in Wayward Pines, it begins with a guy waking up in Hospital. He is a Secret Service agent on the hunt for missing persons. Things get very strange, he cannot contact the outside world & the town is surrounded by huge electric fences. He cannot get out no matter how he tries. What he doesnt realise is that it is for his own safety. I was all consumed by this story, a post apocolyptic nightmare of Earth inhabited by unknown beasts.

2) The Maze Runner by James Dashner, narrated by Mark Deakins - Absolutely better in audio form than the films. The images I created in my mind about this; again post apocolyptic style book, were so much better than those on TV. Of course the narration helps enormously. The people of earth are suffering from a virus which causes them to become insane. A group of children are assembled in the hopes they can save mankind. They go through trials and beat death on a daily basis. Full of action, adventure, horror and a little love. Definately one to listen to.

3) Hunted by Emlyn Rees, narrated by William Hope - Probably not one on your list or one that you've heard of. It's a quick fire thriller with a guy waking up in a hotel room with a dead man on the floor. It's a race to find out what's happening before he is caught by the police for a crime he didn't do. How long will he survive for. This is an excellent listen, if you like similar reads such as Lee Child, you'll like this one.

4) The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins, narrated by Louise Brealey, India Fisher & Clare Corbett. You all know the film but again I can't stress how much better the book is in audio form. The psychological aspects were so much deeper and more menacing. I really felt so sorry for Rachel in her drunken world, trying to figure out what was happening on her former street. But she was getting too close, putting her safety at risk. The story is told by three different narrators, so you are given the view from all the women involved. However the twists and turns keep you guessing. I loved this book.

5) Abandon by Blake Crouch, narrated by Luke Daniels - I'm a fan of Blake Crouch, his ability to think up such amazing stories is brilliant. This book centres on a town which was suddenly abandoned one Christmas Day. 113 years later 4 people venture into the town to try and figure out what happened. No-one who has ventured into the town, has ever come out. They soon realise they are not alone and disturbing things begin to happen. It's just brilliant and a perfect book for those who love a thriller with some horror.

6) The Fold by Peter Clines, narrated by Ray Porter - Also the author of 14, The Fold which is set within the same universe, is a sci-fi mystery. The Albuquerque Door is a machine that made teleportation possible, however it's not so simple. Strange things happen and the Albuquerque Door is not working as it should. There are so many puzzles to keep your mind 'blown'. This is a must listen for any sci-fi fan.

7) The Tent, The Bucket and Me by Emma Kennedy, narrated by Emma Kennedy - I was given this book by a colleague at work. It's not really my kind of book so I was hesitant, but once I started I couldn't put it down. Emma tells the story of her childhood holidays which all seem to go wrong and entertain the listener no end. I'm sure it wasn't such fun for Emma. Set in the 70's, this book takes you down memory lane, using the choke in a car to get it started. Going on camping holidays in the UK & battling against the British weather. I laughed so much and can't stop telling people that they should read this book. So I had to get it on audio to listen to it from the very person it all happended to. Honestly you'll love it.

8) The Life of Lee by Lee Evans, narrated by Lee Evans - This is a heartbreaking, uplifting and all together amazing listen of Lee Evans life. His life is full of poverty, drama, love, loss and comedy. After listening to this I had a whole new respect for Lee and his wife. He absolutely deserves his place on the comedy stage and is a real rags to riches winner in my eyes. Of course it will have you laughing as well, this guy has got so many stories to tell and they are all fascinating. 10/10 for me.

9) Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart, narrated by Miranda Hart - I really enjoyed this book, Miranda tells her story from the age of 18, where she and her old self engage in dialogue. Miranda tries to give her younger self advice and recites memories from her past. One of the best female comedians on the planet today. I'll move on to her dogs book shortly.....

10) The Sleeper by Emily Barr, narrated Imogen Church - This book has the feeling of an old fashioned psychological thriler. The Sleeper train from Cornwall to London becomes an escape from Lara's boring life has and an illicit affair begins with another passenger. However, she goes missing from the train without a trace. Her friend won't believe the official version of events and sets about trying to find out the truth. This book was just brilliant and I'm still unsure why it hasn't been made into a film. A must read for fans of The Girl on the Train.

11) Peggy and Me by Miranda Hart, narrated by Miranda Hart - Well if you like Miranda and you're a dog lover, this is your kind of book. MIranda tells of how her life is completely altered since Peggy came along. She appreciates the outdoors and wildlife and talks of the lessons about life, love, trust and friendship. There are so many hilarious incidents and Peggy gives her tuppence worth too. I really would love a sequel to this book, it's possibly my favourite book ever.

I hope these small snippets give you some inspiration on which book to choose next on Audible, or i-Tunes. Sometimes it's hard to choose so we go searching for reviews and suggestions. I didn't mention Red Dwarf but for any Dwarfers out there, you really should have downloaded them already.

Finally, I can confirm my current total listening time on Audible is 2 Months, 1 Day, 13 Hours and 26 Minutes....and yet I still haven't earnt all the badges.

It is now time to move on to some more Auditions and find myself another book to Narrate.

Until next week,



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