Becoming an Audiobook Narrator

So where does it all start? Well, for me, I spent years listening to Audiobooks on my commute to work. I spent at least 3 hours a day travelling on motorways & was beginning to hate every moment... Until I discovered Audible. My life was changed forever, I felt as though I was enjoying a movie on my way to work every day. I didn't mind traffic anymore and certainly didn't want my journey to end.

I now have a small doggy called Heidi, and she is just the best thing since meeting my husband. So now my focus had changed, I wanted to spend more time with Heidi & I wanted to have a more fulfilling job. I was told I was really quite good at telling stories, then one day it hit me. Why can't I narrate books? I know I would be good at it, in fact I was convinced it was my new career.

Research, research, research. I spent weeks researching everything. I read other narrators blogs, I watched You Tube videos from ACX, famous narrators and others who explained how to use Audacity.

Then I researched equipment and took the plunge.

Equipment delivered: New Mic, new Laptop, Vocal Booth, cute rose coloured mouse, and I made use of my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones I already had. Oh and a Portable SSD just in case ;)

So that was it.... time to set up my account on ACX & do my first audition.


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