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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

It wasn't difficult in any way, shape or form, setting up the ACX account where I will audition for books and hopefully make my part time living. I'm running on a high & have absolute belief in myself that this is my new career. Although, I'm not naive, I knew I would need to read a lot of books before I could look at increasing my PFH (per finished hour) pay. For now, I will take royalty only books with a view to amending this once I know I am good enough.

And so, ACX set up, mic etc all set up.... what's holding me back? Argh!!!! Audacity! (the free software used to record my narration) now I need to learn all about this, damn it. I'm back on YouTube, watching the experts whiz through it. It looks easy enough to me, so off I go. I close myself off in my makeshift booth and I click the record button. I listen back, pause, hmmmm, why does it sound so grainy and noisy, and what the hell are those high sounding click noises??? Back on YouTube, forums etc. A HA, now I need to work out how to master the audio so that it sounds good enough for your tender and critical ears. Oh and also, re-record sections where my saliva decided to pop whilst saying the letter L... whats that about?

Mastering. Now this is the part that took up most of my time. Different people do different things to get their Audio on point. However no matter what I tried, I couldnt get the parameters correct & acceptable for uploading to ACX. After lots more internet searching, I found the Audacity Wiki site. What an absolute god send! It explained exactly how to master the audio so that it would pass the ACX audio checks. AND BAM!!! All audio since that day has passed all audio checks. I couldn't have been happier.

I could really get into the books I was reading now and enjoy the best part, acting many different characters and making the story come alive. What an absolute magic feeling to produce an entire book in Audio form and have it released on Audible, I-Tunes & Amazon. That's me I thought... I read that!


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