From the humble beginnings of 'Books on Tape', Audiobooks have really moved on and are now a growing market. Please refrain from scoffing just yet...

Yes I know that Audiobooks have been frowned upon by many, as they have been viewed as something long distance lorry drivers would listen to or are another form of 'The Archers'. Well...... I'm here to let you know that actually, Audiobooks are really very 'on trend' and are now a huge growing market. So do you really want to miss out?

Yes? Ok thanks for reading and I hope one day I can change your mind.

No? Ok - good choice and welcome to the community of Audiobook listeners who choose to listen to Audiobooks whilst driving, ironing, walking the dog, having a bath, trying to sleep, painting, gardening, sunbathing, flying... honestly the list is endless.

So my gift to you this Christmas time is to let you know how you can access Audiobooks.

1) You can create an account with Audible. This is what I have done and I get 2 Credits per month (which is 2 Audiobooks - no matter what they cost) This costs me £14.99 per month, bargain!!! I can choose a 20 hour book or a 3 hour book, I of course make the most of my credit and go for something around 12 hours.

2) You can join a members site where you get a free download code on books submitted by Authors & narrators. Your choice is reduced to books that narrators & authors are promoting and in return they are asking you to submit a review - even just a star rating will be welcomed. You can use this site:


3) Or you can follow narrators like myself on Twitter or Instagram who will offer a number of free codes to fans. Just search for #audiobooknarrators or #narrators on either social media and follow. You will soon receive posts offering free codes to download newly released Audiobooks.

I have codes available for all books I have narrated, some are very limited now but if you want a free Audiobook on Audible, drop me a message and I will email it to you.

You could even pass it to a friend or family member as a Christmas Present. Win Win!

Hit me up for a code, just check out my website for a list of projects and choose which book you'd like to listen to.

So here's a very Merry Christmas to you and yours

Until next time

Sally x


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