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Sallys Speaking - Audiobook Narrator

I have now been working in Audiobook narration since January 2019. I wish I had found this (shall I call it a hobby or job), a lot earlier in life. Although I'm not a natural in front of the camera, narrating comes so naturally to me that I feel I have found my calling in this type of work.

I don't have a regional accent, although I am from Birmingham. I have a typical English accent, however, I can read in most regional accents as well as International. You can listen to a few in my Audio clips. I personally enjoy thrillers, especially psychological thrillers. However any sci-fi, romance or educational books would be most welcome.

If you are reading this & wondering if you should take the plunge with narrating..... Just download a recording app to your phone, read a few pages and listen back. Would you be happy to listen to your voice? Can you talk for a few hours, then sit at a computer, listening back and editing your work? Have a go, you'll soon know if its the job for you.

Its certainly my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, its time to get a nice cuppa & get ready for a day of recording. 

Whatever you are doing today, make it count :) 


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