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Welcome to my official website. Here you will find out more about me, my work as a narrator & my current projects. Please check out my Social Media pages for up to date clips and promos.
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My Projects

All Books will be available on Amazon, Audible & I-Tunes. If you are an Author & would like to see my ACX profile, please click here

1) The Virion Script, written by J.J.Kennard
2) Spite - The Past Can't Hurt Us, Can It?, written by J.J.Kennard
3) To Dig Up a Murder, written by Martin J Evans

4) The Mask, written by Elizabeth A. Lance

5) The Valentine, written by Elizabeth A. Lance

6) Royal Romance, written by McKenna James

News and Updates

Laptop & Coffee
Recording Studio
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7th November 2019

I am now happily moved in to my new home, I have my studio and recording space set up and have 2 projects to work on. I am dedicating December to Christmas and Audiobooks. 

I have been watching the new release of https://acxuniversity.com/ 

videos on YouTube, which are really helpful. I hope to see more of the same going forward. I'll keep you posted on my projects, of which there will be many to come :) 

Moving House

31st August 2019

I may be a little quiet on my site over the next month or so as I'm moving house and having to decorate my new studio office. A task which I have to say fills me with joy :) 

I am filling up my wish list with all new furniture, funky animal print wallpaper, warm lighting and of course sound proofing.

I must not forget about the rest of the house... ha ha 


17th August 2019

I'm sure like me, you are having to delay recording when the weather is lovely. Why? Because all you can hear are lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, boy racers - showing off & kids playing. I will be moving to a much quieter area soon with a no-through road. I cannot wait :) 

“So many books, so little time.”

Frank Zappa

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