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Welcome to my official website. Here you will find out more about me, my work as a narrator & my current projects. Please follow me on Social Media to be updated with release dates and Promo Code offers.

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Its official, Trailer It is open for business
Increase your engagement on Social Media and have a movie trailer created for your Book or Audiobook.
With great prices you'll get an absolutely fantastic trailer of high quality & visually appealing content!
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Sally - Audiobook Narrator

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Please get in touch if you have any questions, I am happy to help whether or not I am narrating for you.

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Please get in touch for any questions, I am happy to help. Really!

For details on Pricing, just send over a brief outline of what you're looking for and the length of text & I will let you have a quote. If you like my voice and the quote then great, if not, there's no obligation.

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News and Updates

Writing by the Water

Trailer It has Launched

23rd July 2020

Trailer It was conceived when I was trying to figure out how I can get by Audiobooks out there to the listening audience. With my background it in Art & Graphics I have a love for all things creative. 

I designed my own trailers to use on Social Media and enjoy it so much and found it so impactful as a way of promoting Books & Audiobooks, that I decided to offer my services to the bookish community.

There is no doubt that using video as a promotional tool is a great way to get noticed & surveys carried out by HubSpot certainly highlight this.

If over 40% of people say they prefer to consume content in video format - why wouldn't you want to add a trailer to your promotional material.


Give your story the launch it deserves

Trailer It

Have You Ever Wanted to Write a Book?

30th June 2020

Over at my colleague has prepared an awesome guide on how to create an ebook. 

Calling all aspiring authors


The How to Write an eBook course provides a proven, step-by-step process, that can take you from wannabe author to proudly published ebook writer and beyond.


Plus, there's a free 24-page bonus ebook download on Fiction Writing


and, a second bonus download on how to choose your online niche

To register and also get your 2 free bonus downloads, go to:

Coming Back to Cornwall Series

30th June 2020


I am now narrating Book 3, As Boundless As The Sea, which should be ready in around a months time. Katherine has also just finished writing Book 6 of the series, Something About The Stars. What a lovely title! I cannot wait to narrate the rest of this series.


The first book was of course a great summer read, however the second book delves into the 'adultness' of life and dealing with careers and relationships. All with the beautiful backdrop of Cornwall & the Sail Loft Hotel.

If you havent started this series yet, I definately recommend them.  

A Second Chance Summer & After The Sun are available as Audiobooks now at Audible

Thank you Katharine E Smith for choosing me to narrate the story of Alice x 

“So many books, so little time.”

Frank Zappa

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